Sunday, November 4, 2012

Murphey Candler Park 9 x 12 on Panel

This fall I took a plein air workshop and then a plein air class.  I will talk about the plein air workshop at a later date.  Our class went to different locations around Atlanta to paint outside.  We ran into all kinds of circumstances!  Taking the wrong routes and going on a long hike with our equipment, dealing with rain, snakes, and spiders.  Luckily I happened to walk over the snake and didn't see him!  This painting I did on location at Murphey Candler Park, which is inside the perimeter.  I think I had gone by there once maybe to play tennis.  On this day it was very cloudy and cold.  At first I didn't know if I would find anything interesting to paint, but after searching this simple site was just what I needed.  I really like how this painting turned out.  It was what I envisioned from the beginning when I started it.  On Friday the 9th Anne Irwin Fine Art will have the Atlanta Landscape/Scene show.  It starts at 6-8:30.  Please stop by.  I have several more paintings in the show, but I won't have a chance to post them before the show.  You can always visit the website.

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