Saturday, January 24, 2009

Clementines 8 x 10 on panel

I really enjoyed painting this smaller size of a painting. The black bowl is a pot that I threw on the wheel last fall in my pottery class. I decided if I couldn't find the object I wanted to buy I would throw it on the wheel and create it myself. In the spring I plan on probably taking another wheel class to create more bowls and plates to put in my paintings.

Tea Time 11 x 14 on Panel

I wanted to use an antique teapot along with cup and saucer with patterns on them, instead of plain objects to make the painting more detailed. This painting for some reason was really hard to photograph. It has taken me two weekends to get a decent result.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Black Bowl with Gold Vase 12 x 16 on panel

This painting is a continuation of the Gold Vase with Bittersweet. I really like how that painting turned out so decided to add the gold vase again while adding a few more objects to the still life. This painting will be available at the upcoming Trinity School Show in February.

Jefferson Memorial 4 x 4 on Panel

This small painting was for created by Karin Jurick. She picked this scene for the upcoming Inauguration.