Monday, May 25, 2009

Pennsylvania Landscape 8 x 10 on Linen SOLD

This painting is for this weeks challenge from Karin Jurick's blog . It is a scene from Pennsylvania in the country. We were given a black and white image and we interpreted the scene in color. I decided I was going to paint this on Linen instead of a panel for a different look. I wanted the background trees to blur into the sky and wanted a loose painting instead of sharp images. Also, I thought on this painting that the linen would give a nice texture for the landscape.
Thank you Robin for your purchase! I hope you enjoy it for years to come.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Madison Avenue 16 x 8 on Panel

This painting was for . The challenge was to paint the photo taken of Madison Avenue. At first I painted the painting flat and then decided it would be more interesting to do a knife painting with thick paint. Also, it made it more loose and abstract then painting it in detail, which I didn't want to do. If you go to the blog you can see the original photograph and how other artists interpreted the photo. I loved the photo because you could feel the energy, chaos and smells of NYC. The way the photo was taken you felt like you were there. It's fun to visit, but expensive to live there.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bittersweet 12 x 12 SOLD

Andrea, thank you so much for purchasing this painting. I really appreciate your comments when I post a painting!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mystery 14 x 18 on Panel

The objects in this painting came from all over the world. After receiving this jewelry box from my friend Jennifer for my birthday I decided it needed to be painted. I liked the size and color. The box was made in Brazil. The vertical teapot was bought by my coworker(Roberto) recently when he was traveling to Turkey. On the left the dark blue bowl is an Antique bird feed cup that is Chinese, which my coworker searched all day for me while in San Francisco in Chinatown. As you can see he is the world traveler and usually picks up some kind of trinket for me while on one of his trips. The trinkets all mean a lot and it is probably the closest I will get to most of the places that he has visited. The white bowl I bought at World Market and the big teal plate I made in pottery so that I could paint in a still life. I wanted this painting to be dark and mysterious with fruit added in for color. After taking around 150 pictures of this painting and finally getting a few that were good I did go back and make a few minor adjustments to the painting like making the brass more solid on the box near the knobs, and touched up the plate, the edge of the box and the wood shelf. Now I just need to sign it.