Sunday, November 28, 2010

From The Orchard 11 x 14 on Panel

This painting was hard to name for some reason. Sometimes when I name paintings its so easy its like the painting speak to me and sometimes its a struggle. The thing is this painting is one of my favorites. I like the dark against the oranges and just the overall old masters look about it. I will take the 2 paintings that I have posted today to Anne Irwin Fine Art for the Small Works Show that goes thru December 31st.

Evening Light 11 x 14 on Panel

After painting the dark whiskey bottle a few weeks ago I decided I would tackle this dark vase that I purchased a few years ago at Parson's. I love how the reflections of the lemons turned out and the look of the black vase. When I took my first workshop with David Leffel his setup had a black teapot. I painted from that still life and didn't know what I was doing with any of it. He came over and painted on the teapot bringing out different colors and then worked on some pears in the setup. After he finished with those I moved onto things he didn't touch so that I could always have what he worked on as a reference to me. It may be the closest thing to me owning one of his paintings.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Paintings SOLD

The following paintings sold the other night at the opening of the Small Works Show at Anne Irwin Fine Art. The show runs thru December 31st and I still have paintings available and will replenish them thru the month. It was nice meeting everyone the other night and I was able to meet two of the people that purchased my paintings. Many times during shows I never get to meet the people who purchase my paintings so I am always excited when I get the chance to meet the buyers. Thank you Warren and Thank you Kathy. It was nice meeting you and I hope you enjoy your paintings for many years.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Anne Irwin Fine Art Small Works Show Nov 19-Dec 31

I will be participating the Small Works Show at Anne Irwin Fine Art. The gallery is located at 25D Bennett St., Atlanta, Georgia 30309. 404-352-1855.

The Opening Reception is Friday, November 19th from 6-8:30pm with the artists. Please stop by during the season.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Paintings SOLD

The following 2 paintings sold this weekend - Vintage Bottle with Apples and Vase with Berries. Thank you for your purchases and I hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vase with Berries 16 x 12 on Panel

I love painting this gold vase. I just love how it glows. I don't know why some of the other vases don't glow as much, but am trying to figure it out. These berries I think came from a Bradford Pear Tree. I took the clippers with me while walking around the block and got them from a neighbors yard. :) It was between to houses in the front next to the electrical box and it was overgrown so I don't think anyone would care. The sugar pears are so much fun to paint. I love the colors.

Vintage Bottle with Apples 12 x 16 on Panel

I recently found this old whiskey bottle on Ebay and it was just what I was looking for to paint. I plan on painting it again in the future and love the look of it. This is the first time I have painted the apples this season. I bought new ones, but still have the ones in the fridge from last year, which are fine. The white vase didn't photograph as well as I would like for it to. In fact this painting was really hard to photograph and I am not sure quite why.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grapes with Cantaloupe 12 x 16 Oil on Panel

I decided to paint a cantaloupe again. They are so much fun to paint. They are one of my favorite things to paint. Also, I like putting the grapes coming out of vases because you can see the beautiful colors in the light. My Aunt Judy made the green piece of pottery. I have used this piece in a few paintings and really like the colors in the pottery.

Italian Bottle With Turquoise Vase 16 x 20 on Panel

I have been wanting to paint this antique wine bottle that I purchased at Scott's Antique Market years ago. It has been sitting in the corner of the art room for a few years. Now I see these bottles in the Pottery Barn catalog and other places. They say the bottles are from Hungary in the catalog, and I think I was told mine was from Romania. Since I wasn't sure I just decided to say it was an Italian Bottle. Mine is a little worn with some of the wicker coming off, and I love the character of the bottle. In the picture since I use a blue filter on my camera the blue eggs and turquoise vase didn't show up with the richness in the actual painting. You can see this painting at The Anne Irwin Fine Art Small Works show starting this Friday, November 19th through December 31st. I will post about the show tomorrow.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home 9 x 12 on Panel

I love painting these nests. I know have around 6 or 7 nests that I have collected over the past year. I am still searching for them in the yard, but the last one I found fell apart. I think it was a mocking birds because I saw him in that area during the summer and he didn't like that my car was parked near that bush. Oh well :)

Expecting 9 x 12 on Panel

I will be participating in the Holiday Show at Anne Irwin Fine Art. This is a small works show. I think all of my current paintings qualify for that since I haven't really painted too many larger then a 16 x 20. I plan on it in the near future.

The nest paintings make a nice gift and I know at the last show the woman who bought one was buying if for a gift.