Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Candler Street, Gainesville, Georgia 9 x 12

On the last day of the workshop Gregg painted a plein air demo that you can see in a post below. We then had a short time to paint a plein air painting. The weather started to change that day so we had to paint quickly.

Flow Blue 8 x 10

I painted the oranges and the flow blue container at the workshop. One of the women in the workshop set up the still life and I painted with her. She sets up fabulous still lifes and is a quick painter so even though I thought I painted quickly I really had to move at a quick pace.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gregg Kreutz and Myself at the Oil Painting Workshop

I had to get a picture taken with Gregg. It was a great workshop in that we painted still lifes, portraits and plein air. This picture was taken outside yesterday. As you can see I am standing on a curb so I look much taller then I actually am. The painting Gregg is holding is his plein air painting that he painted yesterday. The artist taking the picture bought it from him.

Peace 12 x 16

This green vase was really fun for me to paint. I love the money plant, although I found it difficult to paint. One of the women in the workshop brought in the money plant for a few of the other artists. I was able to take a few branches home so hopefully I will be able to take some of the seeds and have the plant grow in the backyard. Maybe it will bring me some real money also.

Thanksgiving 12 x 16

The pottery in the painting was made by my coworker Roberto. I have painted the vessel a few times, but this time the color was different. I had never painted this plate and love how it turned out. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week while painting this at the workshop I was just amazed at how fast time was moving this fall. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Harvest 12 x 16

The lady apples finally showed up in the grocery stores last week right before my workshop with Gregg Kreutz. I bought the canister at a flea market and was waiting to paint it at the class. Usually canisters are easy to paint, but this one gave me trouble for some strange reason. The workshop was great with Gregg and many concepts were similar from my workshop with David.