Sunday, November 23, 2014

On The Way 24 x 24 Oil on Canvas

This painting is at Anne Irwin Fine Art in Atlanta, Georgia.  It is part of the Small Works Show.  Please stop by if you have a chance.  The show really looks good.


East Beach sold at Anne Irwin Fine Art.  I found out the painting is now in Naples, Florida.  I absolutely love it when I find out my painting is at someones home at the beach.  I may not be there, but my painting is living the life.  lol

Inhabit sold at The Shain Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Thank you both.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Vase In Turquoise 24 x 24 Oil on Panel

I am trying a new panel that is made locally and have to say I love it.  The wood and construction is really well made.  You do have to put on your own gesso, but that is fine with me.  Also there is no frame as it is made with deeper edges.  This turquoise vase has so many beautiful colors in it so I really enjoy painting it.  It was also made by a local potter.  Currently I am trying to go lighter with my palette.  Just in one of those moods that's all.  This painting is available at Anne Irwin Fine Art in Atlanta, Georgia.  It will be in the small works show starting this Friday, November 14th.  Please stop by if you are in the area.