Monday, September 24, 2007

Roberto's Ceramic Vessel 14 x 18

This is my latest painting. My coworker Roberto made me the vessel in his pottery class. It is to hold paint brushes. I loved the colors so much that I had to paint it. I think this piece of pottery will turn up in future paintings.

Mildred 12 x 16

This antique wine bottle belonged to my Aunt Mildred. It is a beautiful spa color and I have painted it several times. I like the simplicity of this painting. For some reason the white on the table is much lighter then it is in the actual painting. I have now taken several photographs, but it is still showing up bright.

April 11 x 14

I painted this still life in April at a David Leffel workshop at the Scottsdale Artists' School. It was a week long workshop and an experience of a lifetime. In 3 weeks I have another opportunity to take a workshop with David Leffel in the Atlanta area and I am looking forward to watch him paint and to hear him speak. It is magical.

Virginia 11 x 14

This blue bottle belonged to my grandmother and now it belongs to my mother. Today, September 24th was my grandmother's birthday. I thought in remembrance of her I should get this posted today.

Good Morning 11 x 14

I painted this pitcher and the melons back in 2006. Looking back on it I wish I had painted the painting on a bigger panel. The pitcher ends too close to the top of the panel. The painting was done in a class with one of the best teachers and artists I have ever known-Karen Appleton. You can get to her website under my links. She would set up 3 still life's and we could pick which one we wanted to paint. Each still life she set up was done with artistic perfection.

Friday, September 21, 2007


This painting was done at a workshop in August up in New York. The workshop was at The Grand Central Academy of Art and the teacher was Sarah Lamb. This was the first time I had used Claessens #13 on gatorfoam board. It was a different texture for me and the paint seemed to go on more like watercolor. At the top you can see where I taped off the canvas because the still life looked better 12 x 9. This is the first image I have posted and I haven't quite figured out how to take pictures with my camera so that there is no glare. This is the only picture I took that didn't have a glare and it looks a little sideways. By the way Sarah Lamb is a fantastic artist and wonderful teacher and if you ever get a chance to take a workshop with her do so! It was a fantastic experience.