Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Radishes 8 x 8 SOLD

This painting was a commission piece. A group of friends from around the country who were trying to see who could grow the best radishes. The woman in charge, Marjorie was very creative and sent out all kinds of awards to her friends. Becky, was one of the women who was growing the radishes along with her grandchildren. Becky wanted to give this painting to Marjorie for being so thoughtful to all of the growers. Thank you Becky for this wonderful opportunity.
The radishes were so much fun to paint. I got out all of my tubes of different reds and went to work. Now if I only liked to eat them. I have 2 bags in the refrigerator. Maybe I can try them again.

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Helen Read said...

Lovely painting! I'm sure she was very happy with the commission!