Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fallen 12 x 9 on Panel

I have been waiting for this birds nest for weeks. The cardinals built a nest in the gardenia bush and it was in the perfect spot for me to get. I love the oval shape they made their nest. They were so smart. They used parts of the river birch bark from out front and then they had a piece of heavy duty plastic in there and then believe it or not a few pieces of tape. This nest is just so cool. I thought about putting the piece of plastic in it and I tried several times, but it just didn't look right and it took over the painting so I left it out. I put in the tape, but by the time I finished the painting it was mostly covered up. You can see a few pieces of white where it was highlighted a little. I know the cardinals had a baby, but my mother found 2 eggs in the grass and we figured it came from the nest. I don't know what happened, but I have to say I am glad we have them so I can put them in paintings. As far as the title the way the nest is it has to lean up against something and it looks like its falling. Also, finding the eggs on the ground that fell out of the nest was another reason for the title.


Karen Appleton said...

You have a special connection with nests Christine, they seem to be filled with meaning. Love this one too!

Mary Anne said...

I love your use of light in your nest paintings. I think you've got a great theme going here!