Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tranquil Vase With Leaves 14 x 11 on Panel

On this painting I was really trying to create a peaceful mood. I wanted to create something that you could rest your eyes on and not think about the outside world. Maybe its because I spend so much time driving in this town that it really wears me out. The vase was actually a piece of raku pottery, but when I painted it like it was it felt like it needed to be more glossy so that is how I made it. The raku was too dull and it the vase needed some sparkle to give it more interest. This painting like the last went through a few changes of adding objects, changing leaves and changing the background and foreground. Last weekend I took pictures and thought I was going to post it, but after seeing how the pictures turned out compared to how the painting actually looked I decided to go back in and make the background darker and a few other areas lighter.

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