Saturday, October 10, 2009

Whimsical Fury 12 x 16 on Panel

I painted this bird's nest at the workshop with Roseta. It was the first thing we all painted. We were asked to bring in birds nest along with eggs if we could find them. Everyone really loved painting the different nests they had brought in and afterwards we did a class critique. Every painting was unique and beautiful. Because of the rains I was late that first day so I had my own setup and my own bird's nest that I found at the house. This is the most successful painting that I did that week of the workshop. I learned that I really like painting my own setup and during a workshop I like having my own area where my supplies are located. At this facility you have to bring your own lighting, easel and things to paint. The rest of the week the way it was spaced I had to paint with other students and their still life setups. Sometimes I have found this to be easy and fun, but for some reason the room was too tight and therefore not comfortable for me to paint and the result was I was just out of sorts and struggled after this painting. I did learn different techniques from this workshop so the end result will be beneficial for me.

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Karen Appleton said...

This is really a beautiful painting Christine!