Sunday, December 14, 2008

Work Boots on Panel 6 x 6

This is week 4th through 17th of December for . This morning I had watched a program on PBS called "Simon Schamas Power of Art," and it was on Vincent Van Gogh. On the show it showed his painting called "The Pair of Shoes," much like the layout of this weeks challenge. After watching the show I was inspired to do a knife painting using brighter colors although I kept the shoes brown.


Karen Appleton said...

Oh my gosh Christine! I LOVE this! This painting looks like you enjoyed every second of it. The warm browns and touches of orange against the cool background!!! It is so alive and feels infused with feeling!!! Congrats on a great painting!

Eugenia W Martin said...

Your work is just beautiful! I love the way you did the boots this time but I really, like your style of painting with the other subjects.

Richard S. Milian said...

I really really love this painting. This is a fabulous painting on work boots. Keep working like this.