Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Bowl 6 x 6 on Panel

Last year I painted this during art class, but had already sent out my Christmas cards. Then this year I was going to have cards printed up with my painting, but ran out of time. Therefore I am just going to post this painting and hopefully next year I will have time to paint a Christmas theme and have it printed.


Karen Appleton said...

Christine this painting is beautiful! Make sure you have enough time next year for printing cards, because I want one! :)

Carol Horzempa said...

This painting really caught my eye! It has such a soft quality, nice reflections and color. How fortunate to take a class by David Leffel. I also like you loose style and colors in you Jefferson Memorial painting.

Christine Bray said...

Carol thank you for your comment. Yes I am very blessed to have taken from David Leffel 3 times. Hopefully I will be able to continue to take from him. It is a magical experience if you have the opportunity take it.