Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Luminescence 16 x 12 on Panel

Luminescence means the low-temperature emission of light. The light source I used resulted in low light of the silver dollars. Just enough light for the composition. The "Honesty" plant is also known as Lunaria annua and it is from the mustard family. It has purple flowers first, which then turn into the translucent money plant. I have planted some, but they are the same size as when I planted them. Now I have purchased more seeds to try and grow on my own.

In this composition I wanted it to be similar to the series of paintings I started "Simplicity" and "Twisted Branches." I decided to do this one on a smaller panel and I accomplished what I set out to do. In the future I plan on painting more in this style.


Karen Appleton said...

Love this composition and perfect title! The painting glows

Christine Bray said...

Thank you for your comment.