Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Waiting for Halloween 16 x 20

All I have to say is that I Love Halloween! To me it is the start of fall with the leaves changing color, the pumpkins and the cooler weather. In the neighborhood where I grew up all the kids were around the same age so we would go for miles collecting candy. Back then you would get the full size candy bars and packs of bubble gum.


Valee said...

Wow Christine!!!

I love your work. "Waiting for Halloween" is beautiful, and really evokes a mysterious feeling.
I love your blog/website.
Great Job!!

I want to keep up with you and your work.

Valee Sewell Penn

beth said...

Christine, I'm so impressed! I love your paintings, especially "Waiting for Halloween". I knew you were talented, but now I know how much so!

Christine Bray said...

Thank you Valee and Beth for looking at my site. I love the scary feeling of Halloween and wanted that feeling in this painting. I am glad it came across the way I had it pictured in my mind.

Karen Appleton said...

I really like the atmosphere in this one Christine. The diagonal composition works great too!!