Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Luna 11 x 14

This leek painting was inspired by the work of Sarah Lamb. She has a painting with leeks, avocados and onions that is just beautiful. Mine is in a looser style with not as much detail. My friends and I set up this still life in a class that we were in last winter.


Kelley MacDonald said...

I like this a lot, Christine. I don't think too many people think to include leeks in their paintings - why not? Thanks for sharing your appreciation for various teachers you've had, too. I wonder if you're doing any Scottsdale classes this year? I'm going out for Peggy Kroll Roberts next month and am very excited!

Christine Bray said...

Thank you for checking out my website and the nice comment. Currently I do not have plans for any classes at Scottsdale. I am signed up for 2 classes at the Quinlan Visual Art Center in Gainesville, Georgia. One with David Leffel and one with Greg Kreutz. I am looking forward to both workshops.