Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SOLD PAINTINGS: Sands Point, Longboat Key, Florida 36 x 36 and House 9 x 12

Here are two sold paintings.  The nest painting is called House and it was sold at the Shain Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The painting Sands Point, Longboat Key Florida was sold at Anne Irwin Fine Art in Atlanta, Georgia.  It is a 36 x 36 and I never had a chance to post this painting.   My good friend Jennifer purchased this painting.  Thank you!!!!

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Marianne Cheek said...

Hi Sweetie, My friend and I were at Anne Irwin Fine Arts last week so I could show her the Gallery and your paintings. She talked to Anne and will be sending her some pics of her work. Love this Longboat Key painting it is beautiful,the nest paintings are always so comfy, but to see the originals for real---they are spectacular. We saw 'Low Country Marsh' and one other beach. I felt as if I were there. Thanks for making my day start with a smile. Love ya' Marianne