Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tart 8 x 10 Oil on Panel

Years ago I was lucky enough to take a workshop from Sarah Lamb at The Grand Central Academy of Art in New York City.  I think Sarah has only taught a few workshops so as you can imagine it was a wonderful experience. It was a 3 day workshop and I believe the 2nd day she did a second demo and that was of a tart from a New York Bakery.  It was the first tart I think she had ever painted and she found it while we were at lunch that day.  It was a great demo as you can imagine and one of my friends purchased the painting.  I still look at it every time I visit herFrom the demo we went out and purchased simple things to paint.  I painted some eggplants.  I wish I had painted something from a bakery at that time.  Not sure what I was thinking. I have a great picture of Sarah and I from the workshop and maybe I will scan it and post it.  It was before I had a phone that took pictures and maybe before phones could take pictures.  There were many wonderful artists in the workshop and a few have become well known.  You never know who is painting next to you at a workshop!  So now finally after many years I am painting my own version and plan on painting a few more wonderful items from bakeries around here.  By the way, Yes I did eat the tart after painting it.  This painting is available at the Shain Gallery in Charlotte, NC. 

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