Sunday, July 14, 2013

Black Vase With Cantaloupe 12 x 16 on Panel

I just took a new photo of this painting.

I painted this painting back in May and took photos.  I wasn't quite happy with the photos so I finally decided just to post the painting.  Finally, I decided to buy some lighting to try and take my photos indoors.  Hopefully this will help get a better quality.  Sometimes the whiter vases get washed out and on dark paintings its hard to get just the right light.  As far as this painting is concerned I felt like I had a breakthrough on technique and atmosphere.  After watching The Artists Guild videos over and over I really tried to paint my backgrounds in the technique I saw and I liked it better.  Funny David taught me how to paint the backgrounds I have been doing for years, but on the videos he does them differently.  I saw up close on the video how he painted the silver dollars and am happy with the way mine turned out with the brushstroke and the way the background comes through.
At this point I have around 5 more paintings to post and will try to post them in a timely fashion.

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