Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chastain Pottery 20 x 16 Oil On Panel

I purchased this vessel years ago by a potter named George at Chastain Art Center here in Atlanta.  I just thought it was beautiful, but intimating to paint.  Finally after seeing a painting in a magazine I decided it was time for me to try it.  It was just wonderful to paint with the darks and the slight light side of the vessel.  The other beautiful piece of pottery, which I have painted before was by my coworker Roberto Diaz.  Roberto brings his pottery into the office knowing that I am going to say that I want this or that.  Years ago I took pottery, but decided it was not my thing.  I made many lopsided bowls that I gave to my friends.  This painting will be available for the Women in Art Show at Anne Irwin Fine Art starting on June 8th.  I will probably get it to the gallery a week or so beforehand. 

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Unknown said...

Hi Christine!
I really loved meeting you and painting along side you at Qiang's workshop this past weekend! Let's keep in touch. Your work is lovely! Denise (Hawkins) Nashville, TN