Friday, June 10, 2011

Fleurs de France 16 x 20 Oil on Panel

Anne Irwin Fine Art is having a show that opens on June 17th. The theme is called the "Tale of Two Cities." It is Paris and Atlanta. For the show I decided to one with a France theme and one with an Atlanta theme. This one of course is the France theme. I found the brie box at an estate sale that my friend Melinda was helping with in Atlanta. At the time I had not a clue of what I was going to paint since I have never visited France. I did take 3 years of French in high school, but I barely remember how to say anything in French. Anyway, I decided to incorporate the box along with fresh hydrangeas from my mother's front yard. I think it has a French feel to it. I know that there is a slight glare on this painting, but I have to get it to the gallery by Monday and I don't think we will have clouds or rain anytime soon. Thanks Melinda!!!!

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