Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two Pink Roses and Antique Vessel 12 x 16 On Panel

I finally found this Chinese antique soy sauce jug that David A. Leffel used in many of his paintings in one of his recent books. During a workshop a few years ago someone asked what the jug was and he told us. The jug was brought over by the Chinese when the Chinese men built our railroads. They used it for soy sauce originally, but I had the feeling that it might have also been used for alcohol from what David learned. It took me years to find this jug and I just happened to look one night and found one that had been passed on at a auction in South Carolina. I called the auction house and begged the owner to sell it to me. Finally it arrived and it is so much fun to paint. Now I understand why David used the jug in so many of his paintings. It is a great size, shape and you can put flowers in it. I really like how this painting turned out. I think you will see this antique soy sauce jug in many more paintings in the future.

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