Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chinese Lantern Plant with Nest 8 x 10 on Panel

I have been growing Chinese Lantern Plants all summer long and just cut them to dry. These I found at Whole Foods last year and this is my 2nd attempt to paint them. Last summer I grew them and they didn't do anything so when they came back this summer I put them in the ground. I didn't realize that they were like kudzu. They were popping up all over the backyard and I think I saw one next to the side walk, which is not close to where I planted them. I may have created a monster. As far as the nest my sister-in-law Tracy found this in her yard and gave it to me. Yes, there is orange plastic string around the edge. We think it came from one of those pine straw bales with the orange wrapping. It is just the sweetest nest and I plan on painting it again. I am including a picture of the nest just to show proof that this is how it looked. I have found painting nests that birds are so creative in making their homes and the work they put into them is amazing.

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