Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chinese Lantern Plant 11 x 14 on Panel

For the last 2 summers I have been trying to grow Chinese Lantern Plants. David Leffel puts them in his still life paintings once and awhile and I wanted to try and paint them. This last summer I had them growing everywhere and finally had 2 small flowers one on of the plants. Well a bug got into all of them and all though I sprayed I never got any of the lanterns to grow. Then this fall I was in Whole Foods and they had fresh ones in the flower area. I was so excited to see them and bought a bunch. So now you will probably see them in future paintings. The white vase is a piece of pottery that I bought from Connie, who takes classes at Chastain Art Center. I had been eyeing this piece at the festival and thought about it for a month and finally ran into her to purchase it. It is a great piece of pottery and I really enjoyed painting it. I love how the blue ran and gave that vertical look to the piece. The reflection of the orange in the pottery was really a nice look.

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