Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Vegetables 9 x 12 on Panel

This painting was so much fun to do. I haven't painted tomatoes, corn or onions in a longtime. Corn, leeks, and scallions are really fun to paint because of their roots. You can use the other end of your brush and make the squiggle like roots. Also, mixing the greens of the vegetables is great with the yellow-greens, blue-greens and everything in between. The painting was done for Karin Jurick's blog . By the way if anyone knows how to shorten this when posting like just the initials of the blog or something please let me know because I see on blogs a shortened link to the blog. Thank you.


Phillip G Holt said...

Type DSFDF then highlight it by draging mouse over it. Now move mouse to the 5th icon at top of form, you will see a LINK window popup. Click this icon and Blogspot will open a window for you to enter the URL address.

Claire said...

This is a beautiful rendition of the DSFDF challenge. Well done!

SYLVIANE said...

Beautiful colors, nice painting!

Karen Appleton said...

Hey Christine,
great painting once again. The veg colors are really gorgeous together! How perfect for creating that summer grown feel, makes me miss the South!

dominique eichi said...

Very nice execution for DSFDF love those colors. Congratulation on the previous DSFDF