Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pears and Pottery 11 x 14 on Panel

The piece of pottery was thrown by my coworker Roberto, and he gave it to me for Christmas. I always love his pottery to place in my paintings. They have great colors and textures. The teal glass bowl was really fun to paint along with the fruit. I took the picture of this painting today with a very clear blue sky and it showed more details than I could even see in my studio. I will probably go back and touch up a few things that I didn't see before. For me I think taking a photo on a clear day works better. I am still trying to figure how to take the best photograph.

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Karen Appleton said...

Hey Christine,
The blue bowl is clear and beautiful, so are the grapes that drape across it. When I enlarged the photo I could really see the great color choices you made to make these objects sing!