Monday, April 7, 2008

Scottsdale Model 14 x 11 SOLD

This painting was done last April at the Scottsdale Artists' School with David Leffel. The workshop was both still lifes and painting models and you had a choice each day on which to choose. Most of the time I painted still lifes, but decided that I should paint one of the models. It is so interesting painting models because so much of the time their souls come through on the canvas. In one class at Chastain we were all painting a male model and afterwards looking at each of the paintings we all thought he looked so spiritual. A few weeks later we were painting him again so we asked him about himself and sure enough he had gone on this huge spiritual journey to India and elsewhere. I think he was even a licensed preacher . It was interesting while painting this woman the different looks she had from artists painting her during the week. In my painting I believe it shows her strength and her peace.

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